Where We Are Now

The Stories Behind The Songs

Where We Are Now


Devin spent 17 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His only real mistake was crossing paths with Mary. I honestly believe that she loved him in her own…

What do we really know about Mary?

The Stories Behind The Songs

What Do We Really Know About Mary?


Although Mary is not her real name (withheld for legal reasons), she used to dance under the moniker, Sweet Sister Mary. 

She attended a private Catholic school when…

An Introduction To Mary - The Story Behind Sister Mary 

The Stories Behind The Songs

Something About Sweet Sister Mary


My life-long best-friend spent 17 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. He was an up & coming musician/artist with a promising future, but he made…

One of the great things about music is that it lives on forever!!”

— Dodd Michael Lede