Story To Tell!!

Memory Interrupted - The Colin Manahan Remix  

The Stories Behind The Songs
Memory Interrupted
I have a penchant for writing songs about love and betrayal. I don’t know why I do it, maybe it’s just a flaw in my character.
I once knew a girl who was a problematic drug user. She began seeing a married man and fell deeply in love with him. She never imagined that she would actually be in a relationship with him, but as fate would have it, he and his wife separated.
They got a place together and she became the best homemaker that she could be. She found her sobriety and committed herself to their relationship. For three years they were happy together.
To her misfortune, he would eventually reconcile with his wife and they would get back together.
This news was unexpected and completely devastating. Her life went into a downward spiral. She began using again. She was distraught and hopeless. She would eventually succumb to her death on the bathroom floor of her apartment.
It was ruled an accidental overdose, but we knew she died from a broken heart.
I was very fond of her, and I think about her from time to time. I am still very close to her sister. This song is my interpretation of their relationship.
One of the great things about music is that it lives on forever!!”

— Dodd Michael Lede