From the recording Personal Demons

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CD Title: Personal Demons
Song Title: Short Drive To Crazy
Music & Lyrics by Dodd Michael Lede

Mixed by: Steve Valenzuela
Recorded by: Mike BBQ

Dodd Michael Lede, Matt Peters, Fred Morecraft, Jude Cwalenski, Shawna Cole


Easy breezy
On the banks of Mississippi
Got a full tank of gas
Ain’t nobody gonna miss me
Got a heart full of soul
In a shirt that I stole
From a girl that let me crash at her place.

Oozin’ the blues in
My sock-it-to-me shoes
I got six strings on my back
I guess I’m paying my dues
And my money’s all spent
Somebody cover the rent
Just in case I wanna come back
This way once again.

I said maybe
It’s a short drive to crazy

Blowin’ & goin’
Rolling like a stone
I got an honest opinion
That nobody wants to know
And it’s a safe bet to say
I gots to be on my way
Because my past is gonna
Catch up to me any day.

Bruisin’ & cruisin’
Right into Baton Rouge
I got myself into some trouble
With the wrong kind of dudes
I know that crime doesn’t pay
By now the law’s on the way
I got to give a little back
Or they’re gonna make me stay.

I said maybe
It’s a short drive to crazy

One of the great things about music is that it lives on forever!!”

— Dodd Michael Lede